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Allgemeine Studienberatung

Julia Krings M.A. (Kustodin)
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Charlotte Mende M.A.
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Tel.: 0228 / 73 94 61

Öffnungszeiten vorlesungsfreie Zeit (13.02.-17.04.2017

Institut, Bibliothek und Paul-Clemen-Museum
Mo–Fr: 9–16 Uhr
vom 20. bis einschließlich 27.02. bleibt das Institut geschlossen

Mo–Fr: 9.00–12.00 Uhr
Mo–Do: 15.00–16.00 Uhr

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International students

Welcome at the Institute of History of Art at the University of Bonn

This page will provide you with practical information and important links to help you plan and prepare for your time as a student at the University of Bonn.


Hofgarten / Jean-Luc Ikelle-Matiba  KHI Hofgartenseite Hauptgebäude  KHI Sommer Ecke Hofgarten

 All photos: Jean-Luc Ikelle-Matiba / Kunsthistorisches Institut

International Office

For general information regarding the necessary formalities before and after your arrival in Bonn and concerning accommodation, language courses, etc. please see the homepage of the International Office. The International Office is at the very centre of the University of Bonn's international exchange activities. It provides support and advice to international students enrolled at the University of Bonn as well as to those interested in studying here. It also runs the so-called "International Club", a perfect place to meet German and international students, which offers a wide range of activities, such as excursions, discussion groups, film nights and theatre visits. The International Office also offers a wide range of German language classes at different levels in order to help you prepare for your studies or to improve your German while enrolled at the University of Bonn. Plus, you find important information on the Erasmus website of the University of Bonn.



Hörsaal IX Studenten vor Abgüssen_Copyright_BarbaraFrommann_UniversitätBonn Stahlschrank

 photos on the left and right: Jean-Luc Ikelle-Matiba / Kunsthistorisches Institut
photo in the middle: Barbara Frommann / Universität Bonn


Studying at our Institute of History of Art from the perspective of an ERASMUS-student:

"A year at the art historical Institute of the Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn, Germany, is for an art-historian / artist quite an experience. The
town itself has very beautiful architecture and an interesting structure with the sense of a true European bourgeois living and cultural history.

Being in Bonn, one feels being so close to the art history of Europe. This is no periphery, this is where many things have been going on for two thousand years.

Studying as an Erasmus student you take part at the lectures (Vorlesungen), or you work in different seminars. Whatever you do, it's quite important to have a course of German before you come. German culture includes an analytical and theoretical point of view as the starting point of looking at art. "Die Vorlesungen" are such a priviledge to attend and to receive information, and in the seminars you work in small groups and are supposed to attend the discussion. The library is like a treasure trunk for research. If you don't find your field of interest here, you are studying the wrong subject and maybe should turn to medical sciences. The only problem with the library is, that it may be difficult to focus on your own subject or to avoid short term affairs with books like "Mosaic pavements in Ancient England".

Summa summarum: Take everything out of your year as an exchange student. Gather material for you own future, and gather friends, contacts from different parts of the world, cause that's what Bonn is; a young international city of students."

Anna Hall, Finnland (6/2007)